Version 04

W E  A R E  I N  T H E  P R O C E S S  T O  M A K E   O U R   C A R   F U L L Y   A U T O N O M O U S

The future of DJS Helios holds a lot of promise. In line with our rich history of setting new milestones and being at the forefront of innovation, we are in the process of making our cars fully autonomous. We expect to implement this exciting new innovation on our latest model V04.
This will make us the manufactures of first ever fully functional autonomous solar electric car in India.

Version 04 Specifications


  • Vision-based Object Detection Systems

  • Custom Drives for Actuator Control

  • Flex Solar Panels for Minimum Bulks and load

  • Li-ion Based high power battery with custom BMS


  • Integrated Hub Design up to 3.3 kW

  • BLDC high-performance motor with built-in Hall Encoders

  • Programmable Three Phase Controller


  • Double Unequal Length A-Arm

  • Custom made upright (CNC)

  • CNC manufactured Swing Arm


  • Seamless tube space frame chassis

  • Designed to get max solar Efficiency

  • Light weight chassis approx (35 kg)


  • Custom made steering wheel

  • Rack and Pinion Steering Mechanism


  • Custom made rotor discs

  • RTR Brake Calipers, Wilwood Master Cylinders

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