Off to work!

This week had many meetings in store for us, right from pep talks on the corridors to a full team meeting with the mechanical HOD of our college.

At the chassis meeting on 22nd July:

Amid the chaos that occurs during breaks between lectures, a meeting was fixed by the chassis department. Work precedes well-deserved breaks post boring lectures! The Chassis head instructed everyone to do their research for this season's chassis. The new recruits were told to sketch the ergonomics of the driver as mentioned in the ESVC rulebook. They were further instructed to build the cockpit around it, along with the dimensions on Solidworks. The seniors solved doubts regarding the CAD software.

At the SSB meeting on 22nd July:

The various aspects, pros and cons of the geometry of suspension & steering systems were explained to the newer recruits. They addressed a couple of problems we encountered with the rear geometry last year and looked into the possible solutions. They guided the new recruits about the direction of research and its implementation for a better braking system.

At the meeting with the HOD on 25th July:

Our team's faculty advisor, Prof. Bronin Cyriac, reminded us of what we're capable to do to boost our morale.

Prof. Rajnarayan Yadav, the overall faculty advisor of SAE teams advised us to look at our seniors' achievements more often to borrow inspiration.

Prof. K. N. Vijayakumar, the mechanical HOD, asked for every individual's introduction in season 4 of the team and made us commit to a goal and stick by it. We gave an overall idea about the competitions we planned on participating and the factors that we took into consideration for that. He also reminded us to not overlook our academics which we regrettably often do.

Captain addressing the team post meeting with the HOD

TLDR; it has been a busy week and it's only going to get busier! But busy won't affect us since we're doing what we love!


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