New logo, who dis?

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

We are delighted to announce the launch of our team's new logo as a part of the rebranding of DJS Helios.

Our vision of a better and sustainable future started with an initiative in 2015. The progeny of the founding team envisioned a world powered by green energy where the use of renewable resources would reduce dependency on exhaustible ones.

The v01 of our vehicle ranked 22 out of 137 teams that participated in ESVC 2017, our first competition ever, giving us a plethora of experience. 'Transform Maharashtra' invited the team to showcase our vehicle in front of dignitaries like Mr Devendra Fadnavis.

The v02 of the vehicle, manufactured in 2018, further went to become the crowned champions of IASC and ESVC at the same time! Certain individual accolades included outdoing every other team in acceleration, business plan, hill climb, endurance and design. We also were the runners-up in solar performance, innovations, cost report and people choice award.

It is the perfect time to assess our team's brand and logo to sync it with our vision and ambitions for the future which seems very promising at the very least.

After much deliberation, we have chosen this logo to represent who we truly are and what we want to portray in the future.



If y'all want to connect with us or help us grow, feel free to contact us at or you can find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too!

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Go green, go solar!

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