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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

A new year brings new opportunities, new ideas and new vigour to strive for excellence. Season 5 of DJS Helios started in May 2020, wherein new leaders were appointed to carry the vision and legacy of the team forward to newer heights. With the ongoing lockdown imposed due to pandemic, the management decided to host an online meeting to introduce the team to freshers.


The meeting’s main agenda was to introduce the team to the freshers. The meeting started with the team captain who gave a warm welcome to all the members and introduced himself. The rest of the core members then introduced themselves to the team. As the meeting progressed, juniors were told about all the team departments mainly chassis, suspension, steering, brakes, electronics, autonomous and marketing. The core members of each department introduced the working and explained how these departments worked in synergy for better outputs. The seniors also discussed past experience with competitions. In the end, the stage was open for people with doubts which were then cleared by the seniors.


The meeting’s agenda was to introduce juniors to the purpose and goals of the chassis department. Also, the seniors explained the importance of the rulebook in terms of designing. Further in the meeting, seniors explained juniors about the installation and working of SOLIDWORKS. In the end, seniors guided them about different phases of manufacturing the chassis and the involvement of every department with the chassis department.



The meeting kicked off with the concept of ICR and the need for six bars versus eight bars explained by seniors. It was followed by the 'Ackerman Steering Mechanism' and the 'rack and pinion' concept. To better understand the software SolidWorks, seniors used various YouTube videos and their experience. Lastly, the concept of turning point was explained and a few videos on it were displayed for better understanding. The meeting was wrapped with some doubts from juniors.


The meeting started with a quick review of the first meet. There was a healthy discussion about the various advantages and disadvantages of the rack and pinion system. The terminology of wheelbase and track width was explained. The main goal of the meet was to explain the drafting of the top view of the car on SolidWorks. A brief explanation of wheel, spindle, upright, tie rod and rack were given and how to draw them on SolidWorks using various angles between them and their effects on achieving a good turning point. The meet ended with work assigned to all juniors.


The meeting started with the importance of MATLAB. The juniors were asked to download MATLAB and learn its basic features. As the meeting progressed, there was a brief discussion about motors and the terms associated with it. Lastly, seniors solved some doubts regarding the same. Furthermore, the members were asked to split up and prepare in-length reports on motor calculation.


The meeting started with an explanation of different aspects of the marketing department and how this department works with other departments. It is the only non- technical department of the team, but seniors made sure to work closely with other departments. The juniors were briefed about the working of the department and a rough plan was discussed.

During this pandemic when the world is standstill, we at DJS HELIOS made sure to work consistently and effectively to shine like every other year.


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