Quick Introduction to DJS Helios!

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Living in a world where one of the most powerful people right now, thinks that global warming is a hoax, we, DJS Helios, do our part by giving our everything to manufacture solar electric cars.

Our work is an honest endeavour at creating an environmentally sustainable car while advocating renewable energy.

In 2015, 8 zealous engineers from D J Sanghvi College of Engineering turned their vision into reality by creating the first prototype of Helios. Over the last couple of years, with massive efforts taken by succeeding team members, we're here and we're ready to fight every hurdle our way. Now, our team is divided into chassis, electronics, suspension and marketing working together for the best possible result. What particularly stands out is that the core team thinks that passing down information through the organisational hierarchy is as important as the actual manufacturing of the car. Ideas and doubts of the newer recruits are taken into complete consideration even when they enter college with 0 engineering knowledge base.

From having conflicting opinions about the initial length of the car for the designing phase to being photogenic AF together at Rock garden in Chandigarh, the team is like a cute tight-knit family.

With the launch of our website, it will be easier and more efficient for you to be updated about every little movement happening within the team! All you have to do is sign up on the website via Facebook or Google account which barely takes 10 seconds!


If y'all want to connect with us or help us grow, feel free to contact us at djshelios@gmail.com or you can find us on Instagram, Facebook and twitter too!

Go green, go solar!

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